Scholarship Resources

There are plenty of scholarship opportunities beyond local and statewide offerings. Try these suggestions, but feel free to search for others.

State University of New York Scholarships
Students considering a program at any SUNY university, state college or community college may be eligible to apply for numerous scholarships. You can access the entire system or any specific campus via the link above.

Student Scholarships.org
Loaded with scholarship information, career ideas and job search tools. Scholarship deadlines vary, so keep checking. Here is a sampling:
    You Deserve It Scholarship - (1) award of $1,000
    Illustrators of the Future Scholarship - (4) scholarships of $5,000 each
    Harris Poll (HP) Scholarship - (1) award of $1,000
    SP Scholarships - (10) awards of $1,000 each
    Crosslites Scholarship - (27) awards of $4,000 each
    VIP Voice Scholarship - (1) award of $5,000
    Profile in Courage Scholarship - (7) scholarships of $10,000 each
    Ron Brown Scholarship Program - (10) scholarships with a total of $40,000
    Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship - (5) awards of $5,000 each
    Pathable Women in Science Scholarship - (1) award of $1,000
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