Back-To-School Tips

8 Essential Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Adapted from www.sparkpe.org

With a well-rounded summer vacation ending, parents spend a lot of time getting their kids ready for school. New school supplies, haircuts, and special end-of-summer outings all play into the back-to-school routine. Take a look below at a few ways to get this year off to a great start in your house. If possible, it's best to work on a schedule two weeks in advance of the start of school.
1. Set up a bedtime and wake-up routine in advance.
2. Get to know new teachers. Five minutes before or after school goes a long way!
3. Plan healthy lunches and snacks.
4. Organize clothing. What fits and what doesn't and what's needed. Stick to a budget.
5. Set up a staging area. Put all school-related things here.
6. Update medical and school records. Are emergency contacts the same?
7. Talk to your kids about bullying. Make sure your kids understand the right way to treat their peers, and when to speak up if they or someone else is being bullied.
8. Ask your kids about their concerns. Take a few minutes to ask your kids what they are most looking forward to during the school year, and what things may be worrying them.
Sleep Tips for School-aged Children
Adapted from www.sleepfoundation.org/sleep-topics/children-and-sleep/page/0/2
Preschoolers typically sleep 11 - 13 hours each night, and most do not nap after five years of age.
Children aged 6 to 13 need 9 - 11 hours of sleep.
  • Maintain a regular and consistent sleep schedule.
  • Have a relaxing bedtime routine that ends in the room where the child sleeps.
  • Children should sleep in the same sleeping environment every night, in a room that is cool, quiet and dark, without a TV or technology.
  • Teach school-aged children about healthy sleep habits.
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