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The School Buses are Coming!

Statistically, the school bus is by far the safest means of student transportation.

The beginning of the year brings new routes, new drivers, and sometimes students forget what is needed for busy parents and bus drivers to coordinate successful student pick-ups and drop-offs. Here are some reminders to help keep everyone on schedule:
  • Students should be outside at their bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. Ready for the bus to arrive at the stop.
  • Safety is a team effort. There are some things that you can help us with to help keep your child safe on and off the bus.
  • Have your child wait 15 feet from the road.  Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before proceeding towards the bus for loading.
  • Please have them ready when the bus comes. If a driver waits one minute for each child, then the bus would be 40 minutes late.
  • Please have your child watch the bus driver and wait for the Bus Driver's signal, even if you are with them at the bus stop.
  • Make certain they have backpacks that close, so that nothing falls out as they are crossing.
  • Make sure your child does not have loose strings or straps that might get caught in the door or handrail when exiting the bus.
  • If they drop something, tell them not to retrieve it without the driver’s instructions.
  • Remind them that, sometimes, cars will go past the red school bus lights and will not stop. They should always look both ways before exiting the bus and cross only on the drivers signal.
  • Remind them to behave on the bus, when the bus driver is watching the students they are not paying attention to the road. The Driver’s main job is to safely drive the bus and keep your child safe at all times.
  • Never let your child run after the bus if they miss it.  Please call the school.
  • Worcester Central School conducts 3 bus safety-training drills per year involving all students. This is important since all students will at some time ride on a school bus. WCS has an excellent record when it comes to safe, incident free pupil transportation. We look forward to another safe school year, if you have any questions or concerns please call the bus garage at (607) 397-8873.
  • If your child should be going anywhere in the afternoon other than where they were picked up, they must bring a note, written and signed by a parent or guardian.  This note must also be presented to the Main Office at School, no later than 12:00, noon on the day of the transportation.
If your student will not be going to school on a particular day please call the bus garage ahead of time at (607) 397-8873 or wave driver on.

One of the best ways to cut down on confusion between children and bus drivers is to have a consistent schedule. One spot for pick-ups and drop-offs is best.
Bus numbers, drivers, and routes:
  • Bus 83, Russ Underwood, Dinosaur Route, Smith Rd., Center Valley Rd., Mooney Rd., Lutheranville Rd., Brooker Hollow, Hollenbeck Cross Rd., Charlotteville Rd., and State Rt. 7 (East Worcester) 
  • Bus 84, Misty Blanchard, Eagle Route, West Hill Rd, Gulf Rd., Hill Rd., Lum Rd., Broad Acres, Brighton Rd., Main Street Trailer Park, Main Street - East and West End, Park Street, and Tuscan Rd.
  • Bus 85, Jay Allen, Bear Route, Kersmanc Rd. (Decatur), County Rt. 38 (North Rd.), Fish & Game, Foreman Rd., and State Rt. 7 Depot & Maple St. Loop (East Worcester) 
  • Bus 86, Substitute Driver, Frog Route, South America Rd., South Hill Rd., Hall Rd., Brady Rd., and County Rt. 40 (South Worcester)
  • Bus 87, Substitute Bus Driver, Turtle Route, County Rts. 36, 37 & 39, Decatur, Percy Holmes Rd., All Rd., and Maple Valley Rd.

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If you have any questions please call Eric Haley at the bus garage at (607) 397-8873 or Tim Gonzales at (607) 397-8875.
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