I.     Finance and Operations: Goal: Maintain a collaborative and sound financial position to sustain and improve WCS programs, operations, and facilities into the future.

-Maintain a 1, 5, and 10-year projection on fiscal status, building and grounds, and transportation needs.

-Establish a timeline for short term and long-term costs to address maintenance and building improvement.

-Increase collaboration with neighboring and component districts to help with improved opportunities for all students and longevity.                                       

-Maintain open communication with staff, BOE and community on budget items. 

-Include staff and BOE on budgeting process.

II.   Board of Education Policies: Goal: Ensure that District policies and procedures are updated and meet the needs of our students and school community, while supporting and preserving the interests of the District.

- Complete a policy audit.

- Maintain updated policies and procedures as they become available.

III. Educational Program: Goal: Improve student academic performance toward college and career readiness.

- Create a robust student offering to meet the needs of all learners.

- Create enhanced learning opportunities, challenging classes and increased academic rigor. 

- Optimize class sizes by reviewing population trends and correlate to our 1, 5, and 10-year outlook and to offer as many programs as possible.

- Maintain a robust academic student guidance to include:

1. Consistent, scheduled meetings with students to focus on college and career readiness.             

2. Enhanced communication home to parents and students.

3. Grade level specific goals and time frames throughout the school year.

IV.   Student Management: Goal: Maintain procedures that identify students in need of additional supports; maintain programs that celebrate students who exceed expectations and ensure fair and consistent structure for student conduct.

- Utilize an updated student code of conduct and ensure consistent follow through.

VII.  Personnel: Goal: Utilize meaningful professional development at all levels to enhance the overall performance of District staff.

- Establish specific training and professional development for new staff and administrators. 

- Adhere to the approved professional development plan for teachers and provide specific feedback and support.

VIII. Communication, Climate, Culture, Board Practices: Goal: Preserve the culture of two-way communication, which is timely, specific, transparent and open to feedback.

- Enhance communication district wide to provide timely feedback and follow up across all stakeholders. 

- Adhere to the Board schedule for planning, preparing the Board agendas and meeting materials throughout the school year.

- Preserve the culture of District procedures, practices, and timelines for day to day activities and yearly deadlines streamlined and coordinated effectively.

- Strive to improve our proactive philosophy and avoid reactive last-minute situations whenever possible.

- Maintain fluid communication between the Superintendent and BOE.

- Maximize efficiency and productivity of BOE meetings.

- Review of Board packet materials prior to meetings; and contacting the Board President and/or Superintendent with any questions or for additional information to allow for more detailed information/responses to be provided at the meeting for increased meeting efficiency.

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