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Polls to open Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022, for $6,977,501 capital improvement project

At noon on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022, at the Worcester Central School District library, polls will open for the Worcester community to vote on the proposed $6,977,501 capital improvement project. If approved, the capital project will ensure much-needed repairs and improvements on both the district’s main building and the bus garage. Repairs on aging district infrastructure are necessary to ensure and enhance the safety and security of students and staff.

A building environment that supports learning

This capital project devotes $2,971,445 alone to the main building renovations. The district will continue its efforts to maintain safety and security; the project includes security system upgrades and an emergency generator to keep the power going in case of an emergency. Aging buildings also mean funds will be allocated in this proposed capital project to the cafeteria roof, auditorium ceiling, a weight room, and air conditioning in multiple locations (kitchen, gymnasium, bus garage).

Driven to succeed

The district’s bus garage needs funding for upgrades, and the proposed capital project dedicates $777,400 for this purpose. These improvements include both a front and rear parking area, fuel dispensing island canopy and fuel metering system, air conditioning, security upgrades, and boiler replacement.

Grounded with space to grow

The district’s campus has areas in need of improvement as well. The proposed capital project sets aside $782,000 for replacing the oil tank, renovating the campus front lawn, replacing the softball scoreboard, reconstructing the courtyard’s drainage system, updating playground gate hardware, and fixing the main entrance sidewalk. 

How is Worcester CSD funding the project?

Stable local share

The Worcester Central School District has worked hard to maintain a stable share separate from state funds, causing no tax increase.

Setting aside capital reserve funds

Worcester CSD has reduced reliance on loans by setting aside $1 million of voter-approved funds in a capital reserve fund. These funds will be used to help finance the proposed capital improvement project.

Strategic timing

Waiting until now when debt from the 2010 project is being paid ensures there will be no increase to the local tax levy to fund this project.

Voting Information

Polls will open at 12 p.m. Noon on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022, at the Worcester Central School District library.

Absentee ballot information

Applications for absentee ballots can be obtained during school business hours from the District Clerk by calling 607-397-8785 ext.116. Completed applications must be received by the District Clerk at least seven (7) days before the vote and election if the ballot is to be mailed to the voter, or the day before the vote and election if the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter. 

Absentee ballots must be received by the District Clerk no later than 5:00 PM on December 14, 2022.


A person shall be entitled to vote at any school meeting upon all matters who is:

1. A citizen of the United States;

2. At least eighteen (18) years of age;

3. A resident within the School District for a period of thirty (30) days preceding the vote;

4. Not otherwise disqualified under the Election Law.